Data delivery, simplified.

A platform for Brands and E-commerce to exchange information about consumer products.





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For Brands

In need of a simple tool to share rich & validated product content with your E-commerce partners? SyndicatePlus offers the perfect solution.

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For E-commerce

Want high-quality, validated product content to power your E-commerce? SyndicatePlus enables direct sourcing of product content from suppliers.

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For Developers

Looking for product data to power your website or mobile app? Sign up to our free API to access +250.000 consumer products (EAN and UPC).

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What We Believe

SyndicatePlus believes in a world where the latest product information is available to everyone and where the right content always finds its way into the right hands. That’s why we build an open, self-service platform which allows Brands and E-commerce to exchange the right information about products. Watch the video to see how it works.

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